Rajahmundry to Sirivaka Bamboo huts Night Stay and next day Back to Rajahmundry - 2 days Tour

2Days - Tour Package
with Transport with out Transport
2200/- 1600/- (5 - 10 YEARS) 2000/- 1400/- (5 - 10 YEARS)
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Mode of Transport:

From Rajahmundry to Pochavaram (Tata Magic 7 Seater vehicle 10 members Sharing Extra charge 400/-)

Facilities available in the Boat :

  • Boat Manager with Staff members and Guide.
  • Ground floor with seating having Toilet.
  • 1st floor in open deck with dias and audio system.
  • Complimentary entertainment programmes.

Reporting place :

Starts at 7.00 a.m Godavari Gattu, Beside Markandeya Temple, Godavari Band, Rajahmundry

View on Boat :

Polavaram Project Area, Devipatnam.

Visiting Places :

  • Posamma Gandi
  • Papikondalu
  • Perantapalli
  • Koruturu Camp Site

Package includes:

1st Day : Start from Telangana Boat Tourism office, Breakfast, Vegetarian Lunch, Evening Snacks with Tea and Non-Veg dinner. Night accommodation at Koruturu in local sight.

2nd Day : Breakfast, Non-Veg Lunch and evening Snacks with Tea.

Tour Schedule :


7.30 AM Start from Telangana Boat Tourism office. Road journey to Pattiseema revu/ Purushothapatnam revu.

9.00 AM Check in to Boat. Breakfast in the Boat, then journey starts on holy river Godavari.

11.00 PM Boat journey. via DevipatnaM. Police station chech up

1.00 PM Vegetarian lunch in the Boat while on journey.

2.00 PM Reach Papikondalu which are three in number situated like a wall in the middle of River godavari separating districts EAST, WEST and KHAMMAM. Journey in between Papikondalu is a memorable experience, enjoy the scenic beauty .

3.00 PM Reaches Perantapalli Tribal Village. Visit Ramakrishna muni vatika which was established by Late Poojya Swamiji Balananda Saraswathi during 1927. Darshan of Swayambu Lingakara Sri Veereswa Swamy and local sight seeing then journey towards

4.30 PM Reaches Papikondalu resorts situated on the bank of River godavari at Kortuturu Tribal Village of west godavari district. Check out Boat, evening snacks and free time at Camp site. Night Non Veg. Dinner and accommodation in papikondalu resorts.


6.30 AM Early Morning trekking in forest,. Bathing in water canal situated in between Papikondalu, is a memorable experience.

9.00 AM Breakfast will be provided at camping site. Free time for local sight seeing.

2:00 PM Non-Veg lunch With 2 Items & 3.00 PM Boat Pickup Return journey by Boat

6.30 PM Reaches Pattiseema revu / Polavaram revu / Purushothapatnam revu

7.00 PM - 8.00 By road journey to Rajahmundry